QUESTION 1 A system administrator checks the endpoint database and discovers MAC addresses that belong to inactive local nodes. Which description of the retention of the MAC addresses for the local nodes is true? A. After five minutes, the inactive nodes are removed from the local endpoint database of the leaf B. The local database is cleared only when the leaf reboots C. The leaf sends three ARP requests after an 210-451 dumps aging period. The MAC addresses are stored to the local endpoint database aft long as the devices respond to the requests D. After 15 minutes, the inactive nodes are removed from the local endpoint database of the leaf Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2 Which two features are supported for configuration synchronization? (Choose two ) A. port profile B. GEM pre-provisioning C. configurations rollbacks D. feature sets E. FCoE Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 3 Which configuration is needed to extend the EPG out of the Cisco ACI fabric? A. Create external bridged networks B. Statically assign a port to EPG C Apply a policy between the internal and the external EPG C. Extend the tenant subnet of the bridge domain out of the fabric Correct Answer: B QUESTION 4 What occurs when the Cisco ACI fabric receives 220-801 exam multi destination traffic? A. The traffic is forwarded as broadcast traffic B. The traffic is forwarded as multicast traffic C. The traffic is suppressed D. The traffic is forwarded as unicast traffic Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5 You are configuration a group of web servers and you create a contract that uses TCP port 80. Which action allows an external Layer 3 cloud to initiate communication with the EPG that contains the web servers? A. Configure the EPG as a consumer and L3Out as provider of the contract B. Configure OSPF to exchange routes between the L3Out and EPG C. Create a taboo contract and apply it to the EPG D. Configure the EPG as a provider and L3Out as consumer of the contract. Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6 A unicast packet enters into the front panel port of a leaf switch. The leaf switch performs a forwarding lookup for the packet destination IP address and has a miss result Assuming default configuration, which statement about what happens next is true'? A. The packet is sent to the forwarding proxy in the spine switch B. The packet is dropped on the leaf switch C. The packet is sent to another leaf switch within the same bridge domain D. The packet is flooded across the entire fabric 220-901 dumps because it is an unknown unicast. Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7 You have a VSM that experiences a failure. Which two options are results of the failure? (Choose two ) A. CLI access to the virtual switch continues to work without any interruption B. VEM stops working C. Traffic forwarding stops for a short period of time and then continues to work normally D. Traffic forwarding continues to work without any interruption E. VMware vMotion stops working Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 8 What is the retention period for remotely attached endpoint? A. 3 minutes B. 15 minutes C. 5 minutes D. 10 minutes Correct Answer: A QUESTION 9 Which feature of a Cisco Nexus 1000V Servers Switch 220-902 dumps allows you to deploy traffic steering for a virtual infrastructure? A. SOT B. PVLAN C. ACL D. vPath Correct Answer: D QUESTION 10 Refer to the exhibit: For which option is the L3OUT-1 connection used? A. bridge domain BD2 B. private network CIX1 C. private network Network-2 D. bridge domain BD1 Correct Answer: A QUESTION 11 You deploy AVS for Virtual Manager integration and you add a host that has five VMNICs. You must use VXLAN to maximize the load balancing of the traffic inside the fabric. How many VMKNICs must you add?A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 8 Correct Answer: C QUESTION 12 You have a contract between in-band and out-of-band 2v0-621 dumps EPGs. Which two descriptions of this contention are true? (Choose two ) A. Filters apply m the incoming direction only B. Both EPGs must be m one VRF C. Management statistics are available D. Shared services for CPU-bound traffic are supported E. The configuration supports Layer 2 Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 13 Which type of server is needed to provide POAP with a configuration script? A. DHCP B. SCP C. FTP D. TFTP Correct Answer: D QUESTION 14 Which action occurs first when a device that has the POAP feature boots and cannot find the startup configuration? A. The device locates a DHCP server B. The device enters POAP mode C. The device obtains the IP address of a TFTP server D. The device installs software image and a configuration file Correct Answer: B QUESTION 15 Which two options are advantages of VMware AVS instead of a VMware vDS? (Choose two ) A. AVS supports vPath B. AVS supports VLAN C. AVS provides a single point of management for networking D. AVS supports VXLAN E. AVS supports micro segmentation Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 16 Which protocol is used as the link-state routing protocol for a DFA fabric? A. VXLAN B. EIGRP C. Fabric Path IS-IS D. OSPF Correct Answer: C QUESTION 17 You are trouble shooting node discovery issues by using the acidiag fnvread command. Which description of the node status when the CLI output shows a status of Discovering is true? A. The node is decommissioned B. The node ID is configured, but not discovered yet C. The node is discovered, but an IP address is not assigned yet D. The node is discovered, but the node ID policy is 2V0-621D dumps not configured yet Correct Answer: C QUESTION 18 Why should you configure DHCP relay for Virtual Machine Manager integration? A. to create VTEP VMK interfaces on each host for the OpFlex control channel B. to provide IP addresses to ESXi hosts C. to provide IP addresses to virtual hosts through the VXLAN infrastructure D. to ensure that virtual hosts have the same address when they are moved by using VMware vMotion Correct Answer: B QUESTION 19 The behavior of which packet type can be controlled by selecting unicast mode or flood mode in a bridge domain? A. ARP B. unknown unicast C. LLDP D. CDP Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20 Which statement about POAP licensing correctly describes temporary licensing? A. Temporary licensing is invoked by using the license grace-period command B. Temporary licensing is enabled automatically and is valid for 60 days C. Temporary licensing is invoked by using the license Install command D. Temporary licensing is enabled automatically and is valid for 30 days Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21 Refer to the exhibit : You define the port profiles as shown in the exhibit, and then you assign the P10GIG port profile to interface el" Which option is the result of this configuration? A. The speed of the interface is 10 Gbps B. The speed of the interface is 1 Gbps C. The interface uses the maximum speed available for the physical interface. D. The speed of the interface is 100 GbpS Correct Answer: A QUESTION 22 Which two options are benefits of using the configuration synchronization feature? (Choose two ) A. Supports the feature command B. Supports existing session and port profile functionalityC. can be used by any Cisco Nexus switch D. merges configurations when connectivity is established between peers O supports FCoE in vPC topologies Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 23 Which Cisco technology addresses management and 300-085 dumps performance concerns in a data center by unifying physical and virtual switch management? A. VSO B. SVM C. VM-FEX D. AVS Correct Answer: C QUESTION 24 You are deploying L4-L7 services within Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure You need to modify an existing service graph. Where do you configure this? A. under the provider EPG B. on a connector within a service graph C. on a function profile within a service graph D. on a terminal node within a service graph Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25 Which two parameters are part of the Cisco APIC first time setup and must be configured? (Choose two ) A. the fabric node vector configuration B. the LLDP adjacency configuration C. the out of-band management configuration D. the cluster configuration E. the APIC LLDP configuration Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 26 Which component is excluded from a device package ZIP file? A. debug logs B. device-level configuration parameters C. function profile D. device scripts Correct Answer: A QUESTION 27 Which type of discovery is used in the Cisco ACI fabric for automatic discovery? A. ACI B. Cisco APIC C. DHCP D. LLDR Correct Answer: D QUESTION 28 When connecting to an external Layer 3 network, 300-365 dumps which two dynamic routing protocols can be used? (Choose two ) A. RIPv2 B. EIGRP C. VXLAN D. lS-IS E. OSPF Correct Answer: E QUESTION 29 Which option are L4-L7 devices registered as on a Cisco APIC? A. one virtual device B. a cluster C. one physical device D. more virtual devices Correct Answer: B QUESTION 30 A host connected to a leaf switch sends an ARP request By default, what does the ingress switch do with the ARP requests? A. Suppress the ARP B. Send the ARP by using unicast. C. Send the ARP by using a broadcast D. Send the ARP by using multicast Correct Answer: C QUESTION 31 You create a dynamic VLAN pool to be used for Virtual Machine Manager integration On which two other components must you ensure the VLANs m the pool are allowed? (Choose two ) A. AVS B. Cisco Nexus 1000V C. the intermediate switch D. vS witch E. the Cisco UCS blade system Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 32 Which Cisco APlC health score will be affected if an EPG does not have a Bridge Domain associated with it ? A. spine health B. leaf health C. tenant health D. pod health Correct Answer: C QUESTION 33 Refer to the exhibit: Which option describes the results of running the configuration on a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch? A. A schedule'' job named Backup backs up the configuration to a file named backup-cfg. B. A scheduler job named backup-cfg runs daily at 2:00. C. A scheduler job named Backup runs twice dailyD. A scheduler job named Backup runs daily at 2 00 and save the configuration to a file named backup-cfg. Correct Answer: B QUESTION 34 Which type of Embedded Event Manager component pars events with one or more actions to troubleshoot or recover from the event? A. monitor B. action C. policy D. event Correct Answer: C QUESTION 35 You have a network that has three subnets You migrate the network to a Cisco ACI fabric You want to bridge the three subnets without changing the IP addresses of the endpoints The default gateway for the endpoints does not sit on the ACI fabric. Which action must you take to keep the three subnets in a single Hood domain? A. Create multiple bridge domains that have unicast routing disabled within the same EPO Connect the existing subnets to the bridge domains B. Create one bridge domain that has unicast routing disabled and connect the existing subnets to the bridge domain C. Create one bridge domain that has unicast routing enabled and create corresponding subnets inside the bridge domain cissp dumps Connect the existing network to the bridge domain D. Create multiple bridge domains that have unicast routing enabled within the saw EPG Create corresponding subnets inside the bridge domains and connect the existing network to the bridge domains. Correct Answer: B QUESTION 36 You discover that a VLAN is not enabled on a leaf port even though on EPG is provisioned. Which cause of the issue is most likely true? A. Cisco Discovery protocol is enabled m the interface policy group B. A VLAN pool is not defined under the associated physical domain C. The VLAN is not specified in a contract D. An interface policy must define the VLAN pool Correct Answer: B QUESTION 37 Refer to the exhibit: You perform the configuration as shown in the exhibit Which two additional tasks must you perform to deploy EPG on PC . VPC . or Interface? (Choose two ) A. Add the border leaf node to the Layer 2 outside connection B. Create an Attachable Access Entity Profile C. Create a Layer 2 outside connection D. Create a physical domain and a VLAN pool for the physical domain, and associate the physical domain to the EPG WEB E. Extend the VLAN represented by EPG out pi the Cisco ACI fabric Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 38 Which two method does a Cisco APIC supports to connect to the management IP address of a service appliance? (Choose two.) A. out-of-band connectivity to devices in device clusters by using the management VLAN D in band connectivity to devices in device clusters by using the VRF of the tenant B. out-of-band connectivity to devices m device clusters by using the VRF of the tenant C. out-of-band connectivity to devices m device clusters by using the management VRF of the tenant D. in band connectivity to devices m device 1z0-067 dumps clusters by using the management VRF of the tenant Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 39 What occurs when you make an interface a member of an existing VRF m Cisco NX-OS? A. The a VRF-Aware services start to be filtered B. You are prompted to enter an IP address assignment C. All of the Layer 3 configurations are removed D. The state of the interface is changed to down Correct Answer: C QUESTION 40 You need to create and configure a VRF for IP forwarding on a Cisco Nexus Series Switch running in NX-OS. Drag and drop the configuration steps from the left into the correct order on the right. PRINCE2 dumps Not all options are


out 4th

Como a comunicação pode gerar credibilidade para seu negócio

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A reputação positiva de um negócio nasce da visão do seu cliente sobre sua empresa: de que ela é realmente capaz de entregar o que diz. E, nesse processo, diferentes forças do negócio como a área de vendas com atendimento transparente durante todo o processo pré e pós-compra, a equipe de produção, entregando a solução dentro do que foi acordado com o cliente e o marketing, com a inteligência de mercado.

E como esse post une duas coisas que eu amo: negócios e comunicação, já que a Assessoria de Imprensa, Relações Públicas e Marketing de Conteúdo podem – na verdade devem, rs – ser utilizados para transformar toda essa engrenagem em conteúdo relevante, conversei com duas feras de empreendedorismo: Lênia Luz, fundadora do Empreendedorismo Rosa, maior blog sobre empreendedorismo feminino no Brasil, diretora de comunicação da Aurelio Luz Franchising & Varejo, e diretora de Empreendedorismo e Negócios da BPW Curitiba, e Leonardo Filardi, gerente de empreendedorismo do Iniciativa Jovem , professor de Estratégia e Modelagem de Negócios e Marketing Estratégico no Infnet e membro do São Conrado Capital Partners.

leonardo filardiCredibilidade de Mercado – uma reputação sólida é construída em uma escala ascendente na qual a experiência e conhecimento da empresa estão voltadas para satisfazer as necessidades seus clientes. “O processo de construção de credibilidade é uma atividade diária e envolve uma série de pequenos fatores, desde uma postagem na rede social até uma experiência de consumo do produto/serviço oferecido. Naturalmente no mundo moderno e com a tecnologia, a credibilidade anda em cima de uma linha tênue, e por isso todo cuidado é extremamente importante”, destaca Filardi.

Credibilidade via Assessoria de Imprensa – Toda vez que um jornalista, youtuber ou blogger fala de sua empresa é uma chancela de um especialista de mercado sobre seu negócio para seu público-alvo. Por isso, um relacionamento com a imprensa bem estruturado, faz toda diferença nesse processo. “Para uma startup, eu acredito que a assessoria de imprensa seja fundamental. Tive uma experiência com uma assessoria de imprensa para uma startup de treinamento que criei em 2012 e os resultados foram excelentes. Não tínhamos dinheiro e o pouco que entrava nós revertemos nesse investimento e conseguimos alcançar excelentes resultados nas venda”, explicou Leonardo.

Lenia LuzComunicação Estratégica para credibilidade – Cada ferramenta vai persuadir seu público de uma forma diferente. Enquanto a Assessoria de Imprensa tem um efeito tsunami pois fala com um grupo amplo de possíveis clientes, o marketing de conteúdo e o RP fortalecem o laço da empresa com quem já se relaciona com ela ou é uma peça-chave para sua reputação. Por isso, Lênia deu prioridade para o conteúdo em sua estratégia: “investimos em marketing de conteúdo e gerenciamento de redes sociais desde os primeiros passos do Empreendedorismo Rosa e nossas ações nos dois primeiros anos foram só focada no online”.

Você é do tamanho de seus sonhos – Muitas vezes, startups e PME se sentem em desvantagem por serem de pequeno porte, mas para Lênia isso não passa de um mito: “se você pretende tornar a sua empresa forte e reconhecida, deve ter metas sólidas e firmes de crescimento. E o ideal é contar com uma agência de comunicação para lhe dar o suporte necessário no que diz respeito ao marketing, branding e todos os aspectos comunicacionais”, afirma.

E em tempo de internet, com uma variedade de cursos e materiais didáticos gratuitos, a falta de verba não vale como justificativa. “Caso não possa investir nestes serviços, busque se capacitar com o beabá da comunicação, para não ficar fora do mercado”, pontua a empresária.

Dicas da LaPresse para Credibilidade em Comunicação

  1. A credibilidade é essencial para converter contatos em clientes. Identifique no processo de vendas o que seus precisam e querem e transforme em conteúdo. Depois analisa qual melhor canal para trabalhá-lo: Assessoria de Imprensa, RP ou Marketing de Conteúdo;
  2. Relacione-se com a imprensa de forma assertiva, priorizando veículos não pelo porte e sim por sua entrada junto ao público que deseja atingir;
  3. Seja transparente e focado. Priorize conteúdos que prendam a atenção e ao invés de apenas caçar likes.
  4. Eleja as redes sociais mais relevantes para se comunicar com seus clientes e não delete feedbacks ruins – resolva-os.  Em tempos de redes sociais nada pode ser ocultado, pois basta um print para arruinar anos de credibilidade;
  5. Compartilhe estudos de case para que os futuros clientes possam identificar de forma prática como seu negócio resolve os problemas deles;
  6. Invista em depoimentos sobre a experiência dos usuários com seus produtos e serviços. Uma terceira pessoa falar sobre vocês publicamente aumenta a confiança;



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